I welcome the opportunity to talk about my work in interviews, podcasts, and personal appearances. If interested, please send me an email. Here is a selection of some earlier interviews and appearances, along with links to additional information.

A Q&A interview with Slate

A book interview with the Times of London

A book interview with the Chicago Review of Books

An appearance on the Marvel Declassified podcast, “War Stories.” (segment begins at the 15 minute mark)

“Splat! Bam! It’s the Federal Reserve to the Rescue!,” The New York Times, April 27, BU5. Interviewed for, and cited in this article as a leading authority on federal propaganda. 

“War and Superheroes: How The Writer’s War Board Used Comic Books During World War II,” Interview with Dr. Daniele Turello of the Library of Congress. 

“The Battle Lines Are Drawn,” Interview on Backstory with the American History Guys, National Public Radio (NPR).

Click here for a transcript of the interview.

“Historian Paul Hirsch Discusses EC Horror Comics, the FBI, and McCarthyism,” Interview on Santa Barbara Public Radio, KCSB 91.9 FM.

“UCSB Researcher Explores Use of Comic Books by U.S. Government As Propaganda Tools,” Interview on Los Angeles NPR, KCLU 88.3 FM.